Company profile

Established to provide expert property development management services, our aim is to maximise development potential whilst minimising risk. Our understanding, experience and knowledge of the property development and construction industries mean we can achieve the best outcomes for our clients from concept to completion. By simplifying the development process our clients remain informed and involved.

The Primus Team

Tim Carrick

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Tim brings a wealth of varied experience and business knowledge to the Primus DMS team, with more than 25 years of experience, and a strong background in Economics, Banking and Finance, Property Development, Property Management and Investment, Hospitality, and Real Estate.

Being operationally based, and having a clear and sustained focus on achieving the right structure and partners for any project, Tim has worked closely with all key stakeholders including all major funding groups, major consultants, building groups, and various sales teams. At Primus DMS the focus is on organisation, structure and efficiently solving issues. Tim believes strong relationships and sound knowledge are the cornerstone to timely and successful results for all our stakeholders leading to a truly superior outcome.

Nicholas Halatsis

Development & Strategic Planning Manager

Nicholas leads the Primus DMS development and project management team, specialising in fulfilling maximum development potential, value adding and risk minimisation. From conceptual design to project completion, his strategic planning expertise and knowledge ensures the end project satisfies the design brief and client objectives alike.
With over 20 years experience, including a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Sydney, Nicholas has worked in some of Sydney’s leading and award-winning architectural, property development and construction firms. This wealth of experience and acute sense of detail combines with strong and trusted relationships with various consultants, financiers and councils to contribute significantly to the success of every project.

Nicholas Mar

Accounting & Finance Director

Nicholas has a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting, and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He has more than 20 years of experience as an accountant and his background includes taxation, banking and finance, and commercial accounting.
Nicholas has over 7 years of experience in Property Development and has been working for Primus DMS since its inception. Nicholas’s organisational management and financial control have been a solid catalyst for the continued success of the business. Having worked as a tax and company accountant for some of Sydney’s leading financial institutions, Nicholas’ knowledge of tax, finance and business structures plays an integral role in determining a project’s feasibility. He provides ongoing financial updates for all projects, monitors costs and develops strategies to maximise returns.

Gaetano Di Stefano

Project & Operations Manager

Holding a Bachelor in Civil Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Gaetano brings knowledge of engineering and construction to the Primus DMS team. His experience with mixed-use, multi-unit residential and student accommodation developments has led to a strong understanding of property development and the many disciplines it encompasses, including design, marketing, finance and construction.
Gaetano’s strength lies in his ability to coordinate the many facets of property development. He maintains regular dialogue with consultants, builders and clients to ensure the project intent is maintained and satisfied. Gaetano’s passion for innovation and his commitment to high quality standards in design consistently leads to the creation of distinctive landmarks and strong results for clients and stakeholders.